Pottkahst – CLI/TUI Web Cast Catcher and Player

This may eventually become a custom 🎙️ web cast catcher and archiver.

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In case you are looking for a more mature solution related to CLI audio web cast aggregation and management you may be better off with Podget, which is optimized to be run as a cron job or, although Pottkahst does the same job. For a more mature TUI driven software you may want to take a look at Castero.
pottkahst command line help and menu
Download audio web casts from the comand line and listen while reading the show notes.


Version 0.1.8: For your ears only. Atom Feed

Download the latest wheel from releases and install locally into an ephemeral virtual environment managed by pipx. 👌 Just

wget https://git.c3pb.de/ak/pottkahst/-/raw/master/dist/pottkahst-SEMANTIC_VERSION_STRING.whl

pipx install pottkahst-SEMANTIC_VERSION_STRING.whl

to install. To feed Pottkahst some feeds, you may export an OPML File from your favourite Webcast Catcher or use this example.

wget "https://git.c3pb.de/ak/pottkahst/-/raw/master/examples/opml-example-feeds.opml"

pottkahst -i opml-example-feeds.opml

Run pottkahst to get a menu or pottkahst -u for usage information.


pottkahst -a will refresh all feeds and download the latest episode for each before showing the main menu.

Download as above and install using pip:

pip install --user ./the_wheel.whl

Certainly you know all about virtual environments? ;) If you do not, installing with pipx is the recommended method.


git clone git@git.c3pb.de:ak/pottkahst.git

cd pottkahst

poetry install

poetry run pottkahst


Fully hackable.

Uses gpodder podcastparser python library to parse the xml feeds describing a podcast

Config files live in ~/.config/pottkahst and the downloads are stored in ~/Music/Podcasts

Run at regular intervals via cron as main.py -qa to keep your downloads up to speed. Remember to be nice and leave a couple of hours between feed requests.

pottkahst 0.1.8-alpha.0

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Using it every day to listen to an audio web cast or two.

2021-12-21 18:39 Version 0.1.7.

What used to be simple term menu now is a set of rich panels accepting a hotkey input. This is in preparation of moving everything to textual where it will be clickable.

2021-12-02 19:12 Rewritten Pottkansts Main Menu.